About Linda Durkee

Artist’s Statement and Biography

In the core of our existence is a wellspring of creativity. It is a way of seeing, a way of knowing, a way of becoming. In art, this wellspring connects us to the evolving spirit of the universe so that we are no longer finite and alone. This same wellspring of creativity yields a language without which there would be silence.

As an artist, I tap into this wellspring to create. My imagery looks to nature for the vocabulary of shapes and colors. It seeks inspiration from the feminine for the symbolism of deepening consciousness. It draws on the masculine for metaphors of strength. In making art, I celebrate the power of beauty and communicate the energy of joy. Read more…


This section is devoted to discussion of my artwork. It features my essays, interpretation by guest writers, commentary in the press, and other contributions. Read more…


Artist, photographer, writer, and editor….Read more…


Linda Durkee
Fine Artist
P.O. Box 110784
Naples, FL 34108
Email: lcdurkee@aol.com